quarantine chronicles part II

Quarantine Chronicles. Daily life after the second ministerial decree of lockdown. At the moment in Italy there are about 80,000 people infected by Covid 19. We have to respect new rules. Staggered entrances to the supermarket. Mandatory to wear mask and gloves. Everyday we await the civil protection bulletin, hoping that the number of infections is decreasing. During the day we try to pass the time reading a book or play cards or playing football in front of the our entrance door. If there is a sunny day we try to stay just out of our entrance door to take some ray of sun. One time a week I go to the supermarket in Como. There, I can see some people on the street. The go to the supermarket too, or to the pharmacy.

(Pentax mx - Minolta Hi Matic 7SII - ilford fp4+ @400 home dev and scan)